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Cardio Max JSB HF18 3D Pedometer

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Quick Overview

* Colour : White-Blue
* Brand : Cardio Max
* Measures steps, distance, calories/fat burnt and exercise time
* Accurately measure steps and distance with 10 step buffer step error correction
* Ultra slim design with large clear LCD and Auto off during no usage.
* Monitor your daily steps walked/jogged, distance travelled, Kcal burnt and keeps
   last 7 days memory.
* Highest 3D Accuracy in any angle and can be used in pocket & handbag.
* 1 year warranty for product and in box accessories.

Click here to view full description and video demonstration


Buy 3D Digital Pedometer online, JSB HF18 is based on advanced accelerometer technology which helps it measure walking steps and distance at any angle, unlike the traditional pendulum or coil technology which needed the pedometer to be stationary to measure steps. Its Large Clear two line display allows you to read out steps and even accumulated steps easily. Also, it has a digital clock to keep tab at the current time.

As this 3d digital pedometer needs not to be kept horizontal to the ground for measuring steps, you can carry it in your pocket or even handbag to easily and accurately measure steps and distance. Moreover, it can be strapped and tied on to the neck.

The JSB HF18 3D Digital Pedometer has a compact and portable design which makes it handy to use and carry for measuring full days’ steps. This JSB Pedometer is your fitness trainer. It helps you monitor your daily steps walked/jogged, distance travelled, Kcal burnt and keeps last 7 days memory for you to compare. The pedometer runs on 3V Lithium battery with long life. And dimension of the product is just 75mm X 37mm X 10mm. Also, the 3d digital pedometer has got a sleep mode where the LCD is turned off during no use. Also, this walking step counter has got a 10 step error correction inbuilt. So, minor shaking or movements without consistent walking would not amount to steps walked.


  • Large Clear LCD
  • Highest 3D Accuracy in any angle
  • Can be used in pocket & handbag
  • 7 days detailed memory record
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Measures steps, distance, calories/fat burnt and exercise time
  • Clock for current time
  • 10 step buffer step error correction
  • Auto off during no usage to save power

View Video Demonstration Here :


Instructions Of Use

Buy 3D DIgital Pedometer online which works on accelerometric technology and has the triaction advatange which helps it to count steps accurately while kept in any direction.

  1. Unpack the JSB HF18 3D DIgital Pedometer from the product box.
  2. Pull the battery seal to turn on the screen.
  3. Input your details such as Date/Time, Height, Weight (Refer to instruction manual for more details)
  4. The home screen shows the steps walked as an accumulated figure.
  5. Pressing Mode will take you to KCal burnt mode, where your calories burnt will be recorded.
  6. Pressing Mode again will take you to Distance Travelled mode, which you can use to track your walks/jogs.
  7. Pressing Mode again will bring you back to Home screen.
  8. You can press the Mem button to access the current and accumulated 7 days steps memory.
  9. You can use this pedometer walking step counter while keeping in your shirt/pants pocket, while hanging around your neck with the neck string included. Women can also keep the same in their hangbags/purses.
  10. When not in use, you can store the pedometer walking step counter in a safe place. The screen will shut off automatically after 2 minutes.

Technical Specifications

Brand  JSB
Model  HF18
Colour  White-Blue
Box Dimensions  6.4″ X 3″ X 1.5″
Box Weight  100 gms
Chord Length  N/A
Type  3D Digital Pedometer : Walking Step Counter
Other Features  With Triaxis Technology, Can be used in any direction, With Buffer Error Correction, With 7 days memory
Power Source  1 X CR2032 battery
Power Consumption  3V
In the Box  1 pc JSB 3D Digital Pedometer Walking Step Counter, neck string, instruction manual

pedometer walking step counter jsb hf18

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  1. good pedometer at a good price review by veeru on 5/18/2015

    Good pedometer at a good price

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