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JSB Blood Circulation Machine with green tea

Quick Overview

* Accelerate the blood flow by strong vibration and make free circulation of blood
   and remove obstruction in the channels.
* Makes spiral blood circulation by spreading vibration to all over the body
* Comes with wired controller with 15 min timer.
* Aids in chronic diseases: headache, insomnia, cervical spondylopathy, arthritis
   and reduce harmful cholesterol (LDL) and also relaxes the muscles and stiff joints
* Helps to reduce weight, prevent heart Stroke and promotes healthy sleep pattern.
* 1 year warranty for product and in box accessories.

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Blood Circulation Machine is a useful healthcare device targetted towards better lifestyle and general health, by increasing blood flow in our body and relieving from aching muscular pain.


1. Vibration Function :
Promote blood circulation to remove obstruction in the channels, relax muscle, invigorate the circulation of blood, accelerate the blood flow by strong vibration and make free circulation of the blood. Using the machine 15 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5 kilometers.

2. Circumrotate Function :
Clock-wise circumrotation makes a spiral blood circulation within the body. Increases blood supply for heart and brain, accelerate secretion discharge, and makes body health and clean.

3. Massage Function :
Salience aims at points and jerk sections under feet like a remarkable massage, spreading the vibration to all over the body. Release the aches, furbish the body jerk functions, carve your figure, reform your body, and keep the spring of your life.

Benefits of the Blood Circulation Machine

  1. Helps in improving Blood Circulation.
  2. Helps reduce weight and promote better health.
  3. Blood Circulation Machine Helps in Management of Diabetes.
  4. Helps in Controlling Blood Pressure Levels
  5. Helps in Reduction of Harmful Cholesterol (LDL)
  6. Helps in Prevention of Heart Stroke
  7. The JSB Blood Circulation Machine Provides Relief in Joint Pain and Arthritis
  8. Aids in chronic diseases: headache, insomnia, cervical spondylopathy etc.
  9. Assists in improving metabolism and expel toxins from the body.
  10. Assists in Curing Constipation Gradually
  11. Relaxes the Muscles and Stiff Joints
  12. Relieves exhaustion and fatigue.
  13. Promotes Healthy sleep pattern.
  14. Flushes toxins to improve skin health.
  15. Helps reducing Lactic Acid and Uric Acid. 

Instuctions of Use :

  1. Drink 2 glass of luke warm water before & after using the machine to help facilitate the removal of circulatory & metabolic waste materials from the body by way of urine & sweat.
  2. Rotate the regulator of the timer clockwise to your desired time level (start with 1 minute & increase the time gradually to a max of 15 minutes) then press the switch of the JSB oxygen blood circulation machine besides the timer to let it work. Ideally start with first speed, and with time, increase to second speed. Note : Never rotate the timer of the JSB Blood Circulation Machine anti-clockwise to increase the life of timer. If you plan to switch the machine off while time is still left, leave the timer to get back to 0 minutes on its own. Do not do it forcefully or manually.
  3. Sit on a raised object & gently place your feet on the contact plate. Apply pressure on the knees so as to press all the reflex points.
  4. Relax on the chair with all your body parts in a relaxed posture for few minutes. Temporarily switch off the power. Wait for the user to stand firm or with support, first bending the knees slightly and after some time when the user is comfortable he/she can stand straight. Then turn on the machine. Standing on the machine for few minutes will make you feel that your blood is oscillating throughout your body. This standing position is helpful in treatment of patients of insomnia & hypothyroid. It reduces overweight, control skin problems & regulates blood sugar, diabetes & heart problems.
  5. It can improve the supply of blood to knee joint, strengthen recovery and lighten aches & also can cure numbness & stiffness in joints by regulating the circulation of blood. It stimulates the reflective zones in the feet, thus helping in overall good health. The machine is helpful in curing chronic gastric problems, backache sciatica pain & weak abdominal muscle. By using this instrument, constipation can be cured over time. Sit on the center of the panel with knees bent or legs stretched.
  6. Those people who suffering from constipation, it better to try it at 5 to 7 a.m. in the morning and drink 2-3 glasses of luke warm water before using.

Technical Specifications

Brand  JSB
Model  BCM
Colour  Grey-Silver
Packing Dimension  17.2″ X 15.5″ X 10.6″
Packing Weight  13 kgs.
Type  AC Powered Oxygen Blood Circulation Machine
Other Features  With two speeds, With Infrared, Vibration Massage
In the Package  1 pc JSB  Oxygen Blood Circulation Machine with AC wire, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card.


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