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JSB H04 Fabric Electric Heating Pad XL

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Quick Overview

On the onset of cold season, we often come across back pains and joint pains. In such situations, doctors generally prescribe us heating pads electric type which are a convenient and easy way to cure orthopedic problems like joint pain, muscular pain, or just to keep warm. JSB H04 Electric Heating Pad is an economical yet effective solution to most of your muscular and joint pain problems.

JSB Range of Electric Heating Pads are safe to use. 

JSB H04 Electric Heating Pad Features :

  • Low Power Consumption : 35W.

  • Fabric Material for easy folding and comfort.

  • Very Useful for Arthritics/Muscle Pains/Sprains.

  • With three temperature settings : Low/Medium/High(1-2-3).

  • Two built in Thermal cut outs for 100% Safety.

  • Remote Indicator for Clear Viewing.

  • Even Distribution of Heat.

  • Water Proof Element.

  • Long Lasting Heating element.

  • Well insulated on either side for complete safety and comfort.

Instructions Of Use

The JSB H04 Electric Heating Pad is made of first grade fabric material and corresponds to global safety standards with its two thermal cut outs.  We have ensured the safety of the product for you.

  1. Unpack the JSB H04 Electric Heating pad from the product box.

  2. Connect the AC wire into the power supply.

  3. Adjust the temperature to maximum with the remote control to preheat the heating pad electric for 2-3 minutes.

  4. After that, set the temperature to 1 or 2 level as per your requirement.

  5. Now, apply the heating pad at the painful body part.

  6. After use, disconnect the power supply and store the heating pad safely.


  • Never leave the electric heating pad unattended.

  • Never leave it on overnight.

  • Never cover the heating pad with blankets or quilts, as this my suffocate the pad.

  • Never us the electric heating pad in coordination with other heating equipments like electric heating blankets, infrared lamps, etc.

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